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Navy SEALs: Target of Opportunity

Target of Opportunity: The US Navy SEALs and the Murder of Jennifer Evans is the mind bending documentary made by former Navy Chief and SpecWar operator JD Leete. His initial effort as a filmmaker upon retiring from the Navy, explores the finer details of this troubling murder case. Leete questions everything that was reported at the time: motive; opportunity; and means of committing the alleged crime of abduction. Were prosectors in cahoots with a full blown psychopath, Billy Brown, to convict Dustin Turner for an abduction that never occurred? Was Brown seeking revenge for what he perceived as breaking some warped code the two young men shared? Leete aims to find out, and takes his camera along for the ride. What he finds changed his life and view of the world, as it may yours.

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Near Genius Films is an independent film production company. We seek and tell the stories main stream studios will never tell.